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Specialised Training 

We are a small and specialised company in NZ which allows us the flexibility, needed to hand tailor our courses to best suit your requirements.

  • All of our Instructors, Examiners and Facilitators are subject experts, NZQA moderated and qualified NZQA 4098 Assessors.

The courses are held on your premises and created within the framework of existing legislation.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Drug and alcohol awareness training is part of an effective health and safety program.

We offer drug and alcohol supervisor training for managers, supervisors, and employees responsible for workplace safety as well as training for employees subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness - Workplace training Video


       HR Richardson Group NZQA Level 1 Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training Seminar                                                                    Invercargill Head Office     


Supervisor Awareness Training

Learn about supervisor responsibilities while practising in-depth reasonable cause scenarios. This training provides an advanced understanding of the supervisor’s role and required documentation for reasonable cause testing.

Employee Awareness Training

For all employees who are subject to drug and alcohol testing in accordance with a workplace drug and alcohol policy.

This course provides awareness and education on policy related to drugs and alcohol, how drug and alcohol testing is conducted, the support provided following a non-negative result, and health effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse.


Conflict Resolution

•     Calm & Restraint Techniques

•     Armed Robbery            

•     Streetwise Self Defense

All training programs are developed and delivered by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the field.

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