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Risk Assessment Specialist

We provide high-quality and cost-effective consulting services that focus on providing the appropriate level of analysis to solve your problems and transform technical information into practical solutions.                                                                                                                      Our approach is to understand your risk assessment needs and then to provide clear and strategic advice on how to evaluate and manage these needs.Our experienced risk mitigation specialists are fully trained and certified in their specific fields of expertise.

 The Services we offer include 

Risk & Security Consulting                                                                                       Security for business property is no longer a case of putting up a fence and fitting a padlock on the gate.

Rising crime figures in NZ mean that today you are more likely to be a victim of theft or criminal damage. We specialise in industrial and commercial site security. Assessing likely risks is only the first step in successful security planning. The remainder of this discussion focuses on the other basic security plan components:

  • entry criteria and access control
  • critical area protection
  • security concerns
  • specific deterrents and responses

These components are evaluated and implemented with four objectives in mind: deterrence, prevention, environmental assessment (the cumulative effect of the various security measures will determine the general level of safety), and emergency preparedness.Risk Assessment Specialist is always available to our clients and potential clients, to discuss and remedy existing security problems. We will review every facet of your current systems to analyse and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your organisations security arrangements.

Industrial and Commercial Investigations

• Licensed Private Investigators & Security Guards (Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 : License No.11-028611

An effective investigation takes time and effort. Most investigations are undertaken in response to a rumour, suspicion or allegation that impropriety has occurred within the workplace such as theft or fraud.
It is important to stop any inappropriate behaviour and to prevent increased legal liability for the employer. But without some reference points, it's hard for employers to know how to prepare for and conduct an effective investigation.
The services we offer our clients are investigation planning and solutions implementation involving a comprehensive range of statute and regulatory breaches.
We can identify criminal and civil law breaches, compile and preserve evidence and present our findings to court prosecution standard for a range of corporate clients.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Screening 

 Is Drug Testing Legal?

Workplace drug and alcohol testing must take account of a number of laws including the Privacy Act 1993, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, and the Human Rights Act 1993.  

It must be non-discriminatory and not abuse the individual’s human rights.
Employers may use workplace drug and alcohol testing as a means of ensuring the health and safety of their employees.

Specifically, the common law and statutory duties on employers (and employees) are: the employer's duty to provide a safe workplace the employee's "duty of obedience and reasonable behaviour," and the general statutory duties on employers and employees under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.  

When is drug testing carried out?

  • Pre-Employment Testing   
  • Post-Incident Testing.  
  • Reasonable Cause Testing


Employees involved in any significant accident or incident are tested immediately to identify whether drugs or alcohol were a factor. Employees are tested if there is reasonable cause or suspicion of drug or alcohol use.                                                                                 Random Or Periodic Testing

All employees, or an identified group (for example, those in safety sensitive positions) are tested on a random unannounced basis.
Random testing can mean either the random selection of employees to be tested or all employees within a group being tested at random times within a certain peri

Process Serving

Duly Authorised by the Court to serve civil/criminal documents (Summary Proceedings Act, 1957, section 25)

Risk Assessment Specialist is able to undertake all of your requirements in this area.
Our agents are aware of the common evasion techniques, and the best measures to obtain effective service within the shortest period of time possible.
Client confidentiality is an important issue for us. We will not disclose for whom we are acting, or the nature of our clients instructions unless authorised.
We understand the importance of communication and advising clients on the status of their instructions.
Our fees and charges reflect the value and importance of the work undertaken for our clients.



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