Meth Detection Ltd - Risk Assessment Specialist

A few testimonials we have greatly received from our satisfied clients after working with Meth Detection Ltd.

T A Beatson - Chief InspectoNZ Police

"Graham, together with his partner, are held in high regard by the members of the New Zealand Police in Northland. They have been responsible for numerous arrests of offenders and have given reliable and clear testimony in subsequent District and High Court proceedings”


Graham is a recipient of two NZ Government National Police Awards for Bravery and in recognition of assistance provided to Police in 1985 and again in 2009.

Awards were presented by, Minister of Police, Senior Members of National Police HQ, and Mayor of Auckland.
  1985 - for saving the life of Police Constable Whitethorn, during a vicious gang attack.

2009 - for stopping an armed, violent and disturbed offender, high on Methamphetamine from causing serious harm to members of the public.

"The feedback I received from participants was outstanding and showed that the training provider has a passion for this training, which is why this year (2013)  we have opened it up to our stores in  the Lower North Island which has had a fantastic response."  

John Thomson
Foodstuffs Wellington Co-operative Society Ltd                                                                                           
"I met Graham during his involvement with the HW Richardson Group as an employee of RMG (Risk Management Group) who presented Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Safety) Level 1 courses at various HW Richardson Ltd. sites  throughout New Zealand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  During this time I found Graham at all times to be approachable, considerate, amicable and that he had a vast knowledge on the subject on which he was presenting. With Graham’s experience he was able to recognize those persons who were having trouble understanding whether it was a language or literacy problem.

At our Auckland site where we have many nationalities our men were heard to made the statement: ‘that this would be the first course that was presented in a manner they understood"

Silva Purdue - H&S Co-OrdinatorHR Richardson Group                                                                                       "The visit went very well; we were pleasantly surprised to have no issues identified at this stage". It also came as a surprise when employees praised the visit and training. We were totally impressed with the professionalism that Graham and his dog demonstrated throughout the visit."  

Liz Reedy, HS Manager - Tco Flow                                                                                                             "We were very impressed with the way the handler dealt with the students he came in contact with. He explained what he was doing and the students were able to interact with the dog. Feedback from staff and students alike was positive and we look forward to a return visit."

Peter Moyle -  Principal                                                                                                                           Thanks for the report.  Please pass on my commendation to both Graham and Dylan (Drug Dog) for their efforts.We look forward to working with you again at some point in time.The junior school (Y1 to Y6) are very keen to have Dylan back again.